You Can Feel Calmer.


Photostimulation is a simple and effective way of calming brain activity.

When the brain is calm, symptoms of anxiety, depression, PTSD, explosiveness and simple lack of focus are reduced. Clients report a greater sense of control and less upset in their lives.

You can feel calmer and more peaceful in all areas of your life.

If you find yourself trying to hide feelings of anxiety, or have had an experience in life that you can’t get over no matter what you do, you are a good candidate for this approach.

  • You can live your life with less turbulence, upset, and tension
  • You can dissolve patterns of anxiety, tension, and resistance without effort.
  • The first session is free. You can see for yourself if this would work for you.

Now it is possible to make real progress on the things that bother you in life without spending years of effort. Digital technology now makes it easy to move forward even if other programs haven’t worked.

Learn about the direct approach to being more peaceful.


Roland (not his real name), a retired plumber in his 70's had been abandoned by his mother and raised by an aunt who constantly blamed him and threatened to leave him at an orphanage.
Despite seeing therapists for 30 years, Roland said he never made any real progress until he started at Ease sessions.

Cherie had been raped, brutally beaten and left for dead when she was 22. She had made progress in many kinds of therapy, but at 27 was living at home, working part time, and had no friends.
Two months after she started at Ease
she had gotten a stylish new haircut, a new wardrobe, and was moving to her own apartment.

Sandy felt her life was fine. She came for treatment of pain due to repetitive stress injury and said her kids couldn't believe the changes in her. Without effort on her part, she was calmer, more patient, and in her words “stopped screaming” at her kids.

These are not exeptional results, just the result of using new technology to address familiar problems.

More important, are you someone who can benefit?

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